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Lauren Grout

Lauren is a certified personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise, a certified online trainer by the Online Training Federation and is a certified yoga instructor by Alliance Yoga. She has a degree in Exercise Science and is always working on growing her knowledge around food and fitness, currently working on a nutrition certification.

Lauren believes the fundamentals of movement should not be taken for granted and functional movements should be where everyone starts, then it’s all fun from there on out. Her spunky attitude shows through in her training and helps to keep you on your toes. She is always expanding her knowledge and is always trying new things and testing out what’s next.

In Lauren’s words… “I want people to feel more than good in there bodies, I want people to feel like they are at “HOME” in their bodies. We are only given one body and we need to make sure we are good to it…A well oiled machine will last a lifetime”.n high-threat protection.

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