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Meet Erica

Erica Gros, a loving mother, wife, and friend, found herself overweight for most of her life. She is now considered morbidly obese and is watching her children start to gain weight and she decided to make a change that would not only impact her life but the life of her children as well.

Erica decided to take us along her fitness journey as a Studio Fit member and in her determination to bring awareness to a strong need to put an end to generational obesity through the upcoming documentary Obese Like Me.

Erica says “I know this is going to hurt. I know this is going to be hard. I know that through this process I am going to put myself in situations that make me want to throw up or die of humiliation. But that’s what Mama’s do. A mama’s entire being is to love, protect, and better her children. That’s what this is all about. They will never be Obese Like ME.”

Meet the Production Team

Joey Papa, owner of Joey Papa Media, and his team have a passion of capturing and helping tell stories that matter and make a difference. Joey knew Erica prior to this film and when he saw that she wanted to share her journey, he wanted to help. The Obese Like Me film is 100% funded by people, who believe in the power of sharing personal stories, to make an impact on culture. If you’re interested in making this film a reality, have a look at the video below and explore the options to join the movement and help Erica Gros share her story.


We have an incredible opportunity to help support the Obese Like Me Film. This film would not only help Erica and her family create incredible change in their lives, but quite possibly help people all over the world understand how important it is to stop the obesity epidemic.

Click below to help support the film.