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Get the motivation of a group by your side with the attention of a dedicated coach with our 45-minute Weight Loss and Conditioning Class. This class is designed to torch calories, tone physique and emphasizes a variety in movements each training session, so it’s never the same. This class offers a healthy mix of strength-training paired with cardiovascular exercises in a small group environment, while maintaining the personal feel of the studio.

Our small group classes are often said to be the “sweet spot” of keeping the fitness experience large enough to be fun, interactive with others and motivating yet small enough to deliver a quality fitness experience at rates as much as half the cost of a private training session. Our coaches demonstrate the exercises in the program and then watch each individual for form and alignment while motivating each person to push past their comfort zone. They modify each exercise to either decrease or increase the intensity, depending on the fitness level. This is the perfect class for those wanting to lose unwanted body fat, improve your cardiovascular system and work up a sweat!

All of our new members receive a One-on-One Personal On-Boarding session designed to prepare you for our Small Group Training. This session will enable our coaches to perform a performance assessment, discuss your health and fitness goals and needs, prepare you for the Group Training workouts, and allow you to get an overall feel for the setup and team. We will ensure that your transition into our small group fitness classes is a pleasant and rewarding experience.

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Our mission is to help you live a better life through fitness and that mission shows through our team, our amazing clients, and our community.

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