Studio Fit Richmond Hill

Is this the year for you to achieve your fitness goals? Do you feel invisible at those impersonal big-brand gyms? Are you looking for a personal training studio with a focus on weight loss and conditioning and customized strength and conditioning programs?

Studio Fit Personal Training in Richmond Hill provides a personalized training program and small class sizes so that every client receives the attention they deserve. Improve your fitness level or work on your sports performance in a private setting with a fantastic support team.

Each personal trainer at Studio Fit focuses on holistic wellness. Our team provides our clients the support they need physically and mentally. Every personal training program starts with a thorough evaluation of your current level of fitness.

Our trainers will help you to set small, achievable goals to keep your motivation levels high. They’ll work out a customized exercise plan tailored to help you succeed.



Small Group Training 1-personal training

No, we commit to training clients the correct way. Quick fixes are little more than short-term solutions. They might produce immediate results, but they’re unsustainable.

At Studio Fit, we’re in it for the long haul. We promote lifestyle changes that create lasting results instead of wasting your money on gimmicks. We’ll help you to lose weight, feel fantastic, and enhance your strength.

Small-Group Training

If you prefer exercising with others, our group training packages are ideal. The small group size makes it easy to make friends and motivate each other.


Our team consists of the best coaches in the area. Each provides motivation and practical assistance to take your fitness to the next level.